Running a troop can be a tiring thing, especially on major camping trips like Summer Camp. This post will detail everything you need to know about in order to be successful, keep your moral up, and be able to lead the Scouts effectively.

Camping Equipment

Having the best camping equipment is an essential factor for success. First, you will need to know the environment you are going into. If you live in a warm area (like Troop 1 in California), you will want a sleeping bag specifically designed for warmer climates. Conversely, if you are in colder regions, you will want a cold weather rated sleeping bag to keep you warm and allow you to get a good nights sleep. Since sleep is essential, you will want to know if you prefer the ground or if that may give you back problems (leading to restlessness during the night and tiredness during the day). If you need a softer surface, you can look at getting an inflatable camping air mattress. They are inexpensive and can save your back from some major issues after a couple days in the woods.

Camping Food and Refreshment

Food and refreshments can make the difference between an enjoyable and sub par camping experience. If you do not have the right food, you will feel tired and drained of energy more quickly, which of course is not ideal when you are in charge of making sure your Scouts are learning and having fun. Some of the best foods for camping require proper cooking equipment, such as cast iron pots, mess kits, coffee brewers and more. You can find some of the most highly recommended mess kits here, and 5 best semi automatic espresso machines here. Mess kits are easy to clean, and an espresso machine will help you get more of a punch than regular coffee.

Activities and Merit Badges

Scouting trips are all about fun and learning, so it is important to have activities lined up that are both fun for the Scouts and conducive to their learning experience. Some of the best merit badges to earn for advancing in rank also happen to be some of the most fun. Many events like summer camp will have predetermined programs, but if the event you are going on does not, here is a list of all merit badges so you can pick the best options for your group.